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Welcome to the Home of Traditonal Silver Jewellery

Where Each Piece of Jewellery is Handcrafted to Make It as Unique as You are



Jewellery From the Land of Himalayas, City of Temples and Birthplace of Lord Buddha


TISA, the name originates from ethnic language of Nepal called Newari and means jewellery. TISA's designs are unique and ranges from vintage style to recently, the modern ones. As each of the jewellery are individually handcrafted, each item has its own individual identity.


Originating from the foothills of the great Himalayas, the small town, where TISA’s craftsmen reside, wakes up to that unique and gentle sound of hammer beating…”toc, toc” which gradually spreads from one workshop to the entire town, meaning that the diligent craftsmen are at work creating masterpiece jewellery.


A lot of patience and hard work goes into making of TISA’s product, where each design is minutely crafted, checked and finalised for dispatch. As these skills have been passed on from generation to generation, the learning curve is the only tool that these craftsmen have at their disposal to compete with the machine made mass produced items.


TISA has the collection of these masterpieces to be made available to the world at a reasonable price. We deal with solid sterling silver product which fetches great value without you having to pay the premium for the brand.


So why pay Premium, when you can own masterpiece at excellent value?

Try us to believe us.

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